Markus Häuptli and his Band

While Markus Häuptli originates from the region of Aarau, a City in the north of Switzerland in person, his musical roots lie somewhere else entirely. To tell his stories, Markus finds his inspiration in America and England's greatest singer-songwriters.

The most recent result of this is his fourth album “Lorimer Street”, which was recorded throughout the years of 2016 and 2017 and is set for release due Mai 18th. It is a collection of Markus’ own tracks, assorted with a few covers of his favorite artists as Townes Van Zandt, Stephen Bruton and Steve Earle. The project is supported by a multitude of different musical collaborators such as Tschändu Muhmenthaler, Christoph Bopp and Beda Ehrensperger.

Welcome to Lorimer Street.